I liked Greentree so much I didn’t want to go home!

-Fred J. of Ledyard

I spent 2 months at Greentree after five kidney operations. Nurses were always on time with my medications and always making sure I was comfortable because I had a lot of pain from the operations.

-Maggie S. of Quaker Hill

Coming to Greentree was like a home away from home. The staff, the food – it’s wonderful!

-Bette A. of Norwich

I liked the staff here. Everyone treated me so very well. I just can’t say enough.

-Patricia W. of Waterford

We were always confident that Dad received the best care while living at Greentree Manor these past five years. Despite the limitations Dad endured these last few years, he truly loved the countless friends he made at Greentree Manor.

-Family of JE

After my father’s stroke, we visited numerous rehabilitation centers in the eastern CT area, and we settled on Mystic Healthcare and Rehab; I have never made a better decision. The staff here is phenomenal; more than their experience and knowledge, of which there is plenty, they really care. They are both firm and courteous, both serious and fun — truly, a great group of people. My father is recovering quickly and steadily, and it is largely due to the wonderful staff here at Mystic Healthcare and Rehab.

-L.W. of Groton